Hot in Rio

Agave Nectar, Serrano Chile Pepper, Lime, Cachaca Liqour, Lime Juice, Salt
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If bourbon is the spirit of the American South, then Cachaça is the heart and soul of Brazil. Distilled from fermented sugar cane, this sweet and spicy liquor is best known for its role in the South American classic Caipirinha and forms the backbone of this irresistible “Hot in Rio” cocktail. 

Serrano Chilis, lime, and sweet agave complete this festive drink for a spicy and invigorating flavor that matches any party mood. You don’t have to be at carnaval on the Brazilian coastline to mix up this tasty cocktail to enjoy—but listening to samba music while you sip is highly recommended!

Serves: 1  |  Total Time: 5 min.

Ingredients for Hot in Rio

  • .5 oz Agave Nectar
  • 3 slices Serrano Chile Pepper (or Jalapeno)
  • 3 wedges Lime
  • 2 oz Cachaca Liqour
  • 1 oz Lime Juice
  • pinch of Salt

Cooking Instructions

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