Habanero Hot Sauce

Horseshoe Brand

Vinegar, Habanero Pepper Mash, Onion Puree, Cayenne Pepper Mash, Mango, Salt, Garlic

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About Habanero Hot Sauce

Here’s what Horseshoe Brand has to say about their Habanero Hot Sauce:

Habañero peppers have a citrusy, fruity flavor with intense heat. This habanero hot sauce has hints of garlic, mango, onion and spices that compliment the habanero’s flavor without covering it up. An artisan hot sauce for heat lovers, the habañero shines in this bright sauce, bursting with flavor and heat. One of the spiciest of Horseshoe Brand hot sauces, give this a try in meat dishes, dips, or anything you enjoy a straight forward hot sauce on.

Horseshoe Brand

Spicy Addict Review

This is a brightly flavored Habanero and Cayenne hot sauce. You don’t really taste the flavor of Mango much but its mild sweetness is noticed while balancing the robust tanginess of the Vinegar. Next is a strong Saltiness followed by the distinct flavor that comes from Fermented Pepper Mash which add the necessary depth to this sauce. Garlic and Onion combine with the taste of Peppers to gently round out this sauce.

This sauce has complexity from the Fermented Pepper Mash but overall can best be described as clean and bright. It pairs with a wide variety of food, especially fish, chicken, and rice where bright and lighter flavors work well. We would rank the heat of this sauce in the mid 2s on a 5-point heat scale.

Here’s our Flavor Profile Breakdown in order of flavor occurrence.
(0-None, 1-Slight, 2-Moderate, 3-Intense)

Sweet: 1
Tangy (Vinegar): 3
Salty: 3
Peppery: 2
Savory: 1
Smoke: 0
Other Highlights: n/a

Heat: HOT

Review by Chris Adams

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